Two years ago I was a totally different person, broken, sad, extremely unhappy with every aspect of who I was and who I was with. And there were moments when it would have been easier to end it then to fight my way out of it.

Somehow I had the good sense to reach out to you for help, as I knew that I could not do this on my own, I simply didn't have the strength, energy or know how.

During the last two years, you have helped open my eyes to what an incredible life I have, but didn't appreciate, help reconnect and strengthen relationships with my family and friends. You gave me skills to see the potential in myself, that I now know my triggers, I'm fully aware of who I am, my faults, my strengths and ultimately where I want to go.

I truly love being me and that's the greatest gift anyone has ever given me - the gift to say I am enough and to truly believe it.

Thanks Sandy for being the incredible Super Coach that you are, an incredibly gifted, generous, direct, supportive, go getter, reach for the universe babe, who I simply adore and admire.

Rachel Elliott