Are you in a state of wanting at the moment?

I want a near job.
I want a holiday.
I want to loose weight, get fit and make some changes.

You know how it goes, we have all been in this state from time to time… how do we move on from this.

In todays blog I share 3 tips to moving from the “I want …..” state.

 I remember a time when I was in this state and although I was busy in my career and me with my family, there was something missing.

The one thing that I have built an awareness of is what my triggers were around this. We all have triggers, that thing that sparks a thought and action or reaction. Gaining this awareness gives me the opportunity to change up my thought around this topic, hence I can change the direction I move in.

My trigger is seeing and hearing about others having and experiencing the thrill of a new role, a change in employment or securing that amazing holiday. I am confident this trigger is a common one for most and yes some may call it jealousy., call it what you will. For me it is an opportunity to become curious and learn more about how they may have secured the role and where this will take them in the future. As far as the holiday i become curious about where they are going and what experiences they are inviting into this period of enjoyment.

Along with knowing the trigger I have also established a routine of checking in with myself and verifying that I am focussing on the things I need in this moment. A practise of gratitude, a few minutes journalling and some time to sit and be. In addition to this there are 3 other areas I want to share with you today.

1. Are you focusing on the things you are missing?

We are very fortunate to live in Australia, we are a country of abundance. We have ample food, water and shelter. Although for some they will not see nor appreciate the simple things and this has them talking about what they do not have, or how long it is since they holidayed, the frequency of not seeing somebody etc.

I encourage you focus on what you do have and the amazing experiences that you create, big or small….this is where gold lies.

2. Are you saying one thing, and your actions are saying another?

I want that new role…….however I have not updated my resume, I have not applied for a role in the last week or so and I am not actively looking for the role. You may desire the role, however what are you doing to make it your reality?

Desire, belief and corresponding actions create and equal manifestation. If you are in constant conflict between what you say and what you do, you are creating conflict, hence you self sabotage.

3. Are you carrying around a sense of defeat, of unworthiness or a bucket of self doubt?

I get it, you have applied for roles and you haven’t heard a reply or even made it to the interview, that’s tough.

If you are carrying around a sense of defeat, unworthiness or self doubt this is what you are projecting. Sometimes you may feel like the role or activity is a challenge, I encourage you get excited about it. This is an opportunity for you to grow, to learn and to step up in your field and in your life.

Now is the time to review, adjust and go again. Nothing that is worthwhile is easy, put the work in and you will reap the benefits.

As we decide to make changes, we need to consider our proximity. During times of change, ensure your are keeping the company of people who are encouraging, supporting and being with you on the path.

With continued focus, awareness and purpose you to can move from the “I want”, to the appreciation of “I have”.

Life is a gift and it is our responsibility to create the experience we have of the journey.

If you resonate with this blog and you are committed to making the change, however, you do not want to go it alone, take comfort in knowing I can support you, inspire you and celebrate you as we take this journey together, visit my website to learn more.

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Until next time please remember my favourite quote -
Your Smile 😎 Your Responsibility - Own it, Wear it, Share it