You have been working at home or been on holidays and now it’s time to return to the office or work as you know it..

In the last few weeks or months you have established some valuable practises. As you prepare to return you are concerned as to whether you can maintain your new practises.

In todays blog I explore how to bust the blockage in your life and how you can remain the creator as you go into 2022.

 Are you the creator in your life and business or the blockage?

Having the courage to explore where you are right in this moment is the first step in this journey. it’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life once again. With having to care for the house, kids, errands, meetings and so much more it’s very easy to become the blockage and push your new practises to the background.

In fact don’t be fooled this happens to us all and I am confident that we have all experienced busy seasons in the past. The ability to allow ourselves time to reflect, smell the roses and or breath rarely happens for most. These people experience poor energy, poor creativity and will often want nothing more than to climb into bed and sleep.

At the end of the day it is important that we take care of ourselves so we can provide and care for others.

Research shows us that stress is a common ailment these days. I agree totally that you have work to do and tasks to take care of, however, learning how to care for your self as a priority makes or breaks the way you deliver in your day……..busting the blockage is all about you.

Tip #1 - Reflection……

Take time to reflect right now on how you are feeling, what you are experiencing and how your energy tank is flowing. It is also important that you hear what you are saying. What words are you using to describe your here and now?

Did you know we all endure pain and it is not until such time that the pain gets too much that we go in search of pleasure. This is a blockage, a thief of your life.
Why did you establish your new practises?

So often I hear from my clients that they have experienced a medical episode, a loss of relationship or are feeling of bewilderment and one or more of these drives them towards establishing new practises, being the creator of their life.

Tip #2 - Pain / Pleasure……

Be courageous and identify what your pain is or was and how much it truly cost you. Dive deep within and acknowledge the behaviours, good or bad, identify the limiting stories you may have running. Gaining this awareness gives you the power to stop it from re-occurring.

Know that you are where you are for a reason, the blockage is something you have created, now ask yourself what are you or were you gaining from being the victim? How did you use this to hide, play small and stifle your creator.

It is at this point that you may be feeling like things are moving, you maybe feeling uncomfortable, even a little anxious and you may even struggle to answer some the questions above. I encourage you to trust the process, commit to your practises and revisit the questions regularly, your mind muscle will support you as it strengthens.

I remember when I started this process some 10 years ago, I was anxious, angry, confused and even stuck….yes a huge blockage. I did this process 2-3 times per week, and it was not until I gave myself permission to be my creator that things really started to move. I quickly learnt how I had built the blockage and protected it, due to me not accepting total responsibility for my results.

Tip #3 - Being You……

For the majority of people who are caught up in the hustle of life, it’s easy to share what it is that you do not like or how other people may need to change or improve……being the blockage.

All change begins with you and your willingness to give yourself permission to be happy.
The key to this is knowing what makes you happy. What does “Happy” feel, look and sound like for you?

Identify 5 emotions you feel when you are happy and be mindful to evoke them on a daily basis.
Identify 5 words you hear yourself saying when you are happy and use them daily too.
identify 3 songs you love to hear when you are happy and have them ready to hear…. you may even like to dance or sing along to them.

Celebrate and meet your creator……

Now more than ever, embrace your new practises and add this exercise to truly be the creator of your life…to assist you to step up, stand up, and level up. Your life is a gift and you my friend are the creator of all of your experiences.

If you resonate with this blog and you are committed to making the change, however, you do not want to go it alone, take comfort in knowing I can support you, inspire you and celebrate you as we take this journey together, secure a complimentary coffee chat today.

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Until next time please remember my favourite quote -
Your Smile 😎 Your Responsibility - Own it, Wear it, Share it