Have you ever wanted something so bad that you will do anything to make it happen?

Have you ever faced a challenge that required you to get uncomfortable and just find a way through?

You want to achieve your goal, this blog is for you. Today, I share the need for persistence and courage.

Have you decided that giving up is not an option?

Life is filled with possibilities and opportunities, are you open to seeing and embracing them?

For many of us we spend way too much time thinking ourselves out of the action we need to take.
We tell ourselves all sorts of things when faced with the opportunity of success and it’s all wrapped in FEAR.

The very thing that stops us is the very thing that we need to do.

We all at one stage or another need to overcome the FEAR and get on with the challenge at hand, take action.

What stands in our way, becomes our way. Dissolve the fear by taking action. When we take action we are being courageous, resilient, strong etc. Did you know that fear dissolves when in the presence of courage?

The path forward does not need to be clear for you make a move.

Let me share with you a story….

We had friends who were recently hit hard by the storms just south of where we live. They have a long picturesque driveway lined by trees and plants.

The wild winds bought down trees across the driveway, ultimately blocking access and vision of their home.

At the time the storms hit they were not home we were out together, we received the call and headed home quickly. Upon arriving at the house, the vision of the driveway was overwhelming, challenging and of course you could not see their home.

The tractor, chainsaw etc was up in the back shed at the rear of the property.

Rather than seeing this as a driveway that cannot be cleared, a plan to clear the way one tree at a time was devised. Our friends asked for the help they needed, out the plan into action and went about clearing the driveway.

Did it happen quickly, no, it took a couple of hours to gain some access. It then took days, hours to clear the debris that remained.

This story implies that the path can seem blocked, however, devise a plan, ask for help when you need it and take the actions to move you forward, with persistence will appear.

I know I used to hide in my life, make excuses and not accept the responsibility for my results, it was easier to blame others. I acknowledge now this was directly linked with my depth of confidence, courage and ability to persist, back then I put myself in the story of fear.

Today these are behaviours and attitudes that I practise every day as I move forward on my path in business. Just like any other muscle it to needs persistent training.

3 questions I ask myself to ensure I am moving forward on this path -

smile What is my desired outcome today?
smile What action am I taking to achieve this outcome?
smileWhat will I see to know I have achieved my outcome today?

Know that with courage, persistence and focus you can achieve what you want from life. You will stumble and you will be challenged. You may even experience fear and this is where your 3 questions will support you to continue with persistence and adopt a never give up attitude.

To share and learn more about how to embrace these behaviours, secure a complimentary coffee chat and together we can explore the possibilities. I wonder how your life will change if one of these possibilities is what you have been seeking?

Life is a gift, it is our responsibility to create the experiences we have…it starts with a decision. 

For this and many more tips that will assist you in maintaining "Your Cool Confidence" please head over to the contact page on my website.

Until next time please remember my favourite quote -
Your Smile 😎 Your Responsibility - Own it, Wear it, Share it