Have you ever wondered the difference between a diary and a journal?
Have you ever tried journalling?

In today’s blog I share with you my experience of journaling and I give you 3 tips to get you started.

 In our busy lives many things happen so quickly and so often that we sometimes forget what they were and when they occurred, many people use a diary to capture these events.

Journaling is different, it is more an opportunity that people take to externalise their emotions. It’s often a chance to get the emotions in your head and heart out onto paper. It is also a place to share what is exciting you, capturing your focus and on occasion what is scaring you.

Journaling is a great way to let go of pent up emotions. The connection and the process of writing allows the space to slow down, evaluate and dive deeply into what may really be happening in any one moment.

I remember when I first started journaling, it was a way of escaping what was really happening at the time. Upon review of my early journals I can see the pent up emotions, the hiding from reality and the fear, it’s all there in the words.

I began journaling 2 years before establishing Stairway 2 Dreams, an anger management professional encouraged me to start as a means to being able to identify what was making me angry, assertive and depressed. Life was very different for me back then.

My journaling now is an exercise I use to express my emotions, to reflect on my journey, my new learnings and most importantly to express the gratitude I have for finding me and all the beauty that surrounds me.

Today I share with you 3 tips to embracing a journal. My hope is that you may choose to start writing your journal too.

smile Know Why You Want To Journal - What Is Your Purpose?

Journaling can be rewarding, freeing on so many levels. Gift yourself the vision to acknowledge what you want to achieve from this purposeful writing. The power is in the question you seek the answer to…

smile Focus - Journaling Can Support Your focus?

Where your focus goes your energy flows. Ask great questions and use your journal to support your ability to focus on your progress, after all every day is an opportunity to grow and move forward.

smile Your Bank Of Ideas / Your Dream Catcher

Our ideas can pop in and out like a fleeting ship. Our dreams can sometimes feel unreal and unachievable, however your journal gives you the opportunity to consider what they may be like and how your life will be different if they were to become your reality.Journaling gives you the space to explore, too fantasise and to dream.

I get it, your fuze can be short, you have something to say, however nobody listens and lastly you have dreams, thoughts, ideas and you want to capture them.

Journaling is a great place for you to learn on a deeper, more private level what this is for you. We all handle situations differently, hence we all let or hold onto different things too. Journaling can and will support you identifying this and empowering you to truly let it go.

To share and learn more about the benefits of journaling consider securing a complimentary coffee chat and together we can explore the possibilities. I wonder how your life will change if one of these possibilities is what you have been seeking?
Life is a gift, it is our responsibility to create the experiences we have…it starts with a decision. 

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Until next time please remember my favourite quote -
Your Smile 😎 Your Responsibility - Own it, Wear it, Share it