Self development is exactly that, self analysis and exploration.

Getting to know me warts and all.

To commence a journey in self development is challenging, enlightening and rewarding.

It can be the push you need to turn your life around, however this all starts with a decision.

Yes a choice, only one person can make this choice and it is me. Think about your current life situation, is there an area you want to improve. Whether you want to learn more about a technical skill or an emotional one, it’s all a part of my journey. And the greatest part is it all moves me closer to the best version of me.

In today’s blog I will share with you 3 tips I used to support me through my journey to be the best me, I can be.

When you do self development well, you may be amazed at how much further you travel. My newly acquired skills and emotions have allowed me to grow like never before. Whilst this might all sound like a bit of motivational jumble mumble, you too will soon start to see things changing both in your personal and professional circles.

The best place to start when developing your plan to be the best me, I can be is to identify something you want to improve in. For example I remember a time when I was fearful of doing things I had not done before, this resulted in not being proactive and missing numerous opportunities. This is a vicious circle when it is repeated, it devours you internally.

Tip 1 - Be Open Minded

This is one area I know I made numerous mistakes in. I was not open to giving things a go.

I couldn’t bear the thought of not getting it right, correct or dare I say it perfect. I didn’t like to ask questions or seek support as this would show how limited my knowledge was. This story was running everyday, hence I played small and stood in the background whilst others took the lead.

It was when I dropped my wall a little bit and acknowledged that I did not need to know it all. This was when I truly began to accept that I do have a vast amount of knowledge and I embraced the ability to learn whatever else I need through this journey of life.

Tip 2 - Journalling

I embraced the power of the pen and the marriage of my thoughts at a time when I wanted to understand why I did what I do and how it affects my body and my family.

To be able to write and acknowledge my learnings, my feelings and the numerous stories I was telling myself was truly life changing. The awareness I gained through this exercise is one I am extremely grateful for.

Having the courage to ask and answer questions without judgement bought me an awareness of where I needed to explore and deep dive in my quest to be the best me, I can be.

I still use this practise today and I continue to refine the questions I ask of myself.

Tip 3 - Be Organised In Your Thought, Work and Time

The step towards success when learning a new skill is identifying how to fit the new practises into your day efficiently. Organise your day to give yourself space to think, to work and to make the most of the time you have available to you.

Do not bring your professional life home, home is your safe space and it's the best place for you to
accelerate your journey to being the best me, I can be. If you work from home, please ensure that your work space is completely separate to your relaxing space.

We have 24 hours in our day and it is your choice how you spend them.

The bottom line is know what you are doing with your time. Tackle each challenge one by one, seek the support you may need and remain focussed on your goal. Be a great listener and be present in each moment.

Don’t forget that your journey to being the best me I can be is affected by your environment.

Finally know that the learning begins with you making a decision and then being courageous in acknowledging where you are at in this moment. Your life is a gift and nobody knows when their life clock may stop ticking, commit today, right now to being the best me, I can be and embrace the opportunities that are coming your way.

If you have found this valuable please, consider securing a complimentary coffee chat and continue the discovery of what is truly possible in your life. 

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Until next time please remember my favourite quote -
Your Smile 😎 Your Responsibility - Own it, Wear it, Share it