Innovate - to make change in something that is already established

Initiative - the power to enact, take charge before others do, to make it happen

Inclusiveness - the practise of including people who might be otherwise excluded, belonging

Recently I have been sharing "The Alphabet To Your Confidence" and today I share with you the 3 I’s.

When you gain an awareness of and embrace each of these behaviours for yourself I wonder how your confidence will lift and support you. 

Our lives are busy and everything changes so very quickly and often without much help from us.

Can you remember when it seemed like you turned around and change had occurred. 

This innovation is prevalent in our community currently with major growth and change happening to the landscape as we knew it prior to the new airport development commencing.

We to need to innovate, keep our skills and knowledge current. Change our appearance from time to time, a new hair do, new items of clothing or we may even innovate in our profession, take on a period of personal growth. 

When was the last time you took the opportunity to innovate yourself, upgrade your software?

Nothing changes unless somebody, primarily ourselves, decide to take the initiative to make it happen. That extra 5 kilo’s will not fall off by its self, your degree will not arrive in the mail, you need to take the initiative to make them happen. 

Quite often we will allow ourselves to fail, experience loss and or hurt before deciding to initiate change. Research show us that this is primarily because of fear. The fear of not belonging, getting it wrong or failing and the fear of not being good enough to achieve our desired result.

We individuals endure so much pain prior to taking the initiative to make the change.

When was the last time you took the initiative and changed something?

I referenced a sense belonging as a fear that we all have. When we are aware of and embrace our ability to include others who may otherwise be excluded, we practise inclusiveness. As an individual we also decide how included we want to be. 

If we pull back, hide, behave poorly or do not engage, we are letting people know we do not want to be included.  When we create inclusiveness for others we are also agreeing and embracing inclusiveness for ourselves, after all it takes two to have a conversation of any substance or value.

When was the last time you took the initiative to include somebody who was standing alone in a crowded room, introduce a stranger to your friends and provided an inclusive environment for somebody who may be feeling excluded, alone, lost. 

Today more than ever we are accepting responsibility and taking the initiative to innovate ourselves, our homes, our workplaces to become environments, vehicles etc of inclusiveness.

Inclusiveness creates support, a sense of belonging and fulfils our need of security.

I wonder how your confidence and experience of life will change when you too embrace a heightened awareness of these 3 behaviours.

Now more than ever it's time for you to embrace how to Speak up, Step up and Shine. If I can you can too.

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Your Smile … Your Responsibility - Own it, Wear it, Share it.

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