Growth - to enlarge in size, performance, result

Goals - set an intention, something to aim for

Gratitude - a deep sense of thanks, a sense of being present, in the moment 

I have been sharing "The Alphabet To Your Confidence and today I share the 3 G's. When you experience a heightened awareness of these three behaviours and how affectively you are embracing them you will begin to experience a life of confidence.

Have you ever reached something you strived for and then asked wants next?

Have you ever felt your heart wanting to explode right out of your chest, you feel humbled, appreciative, thankful and on occasion overwhelmed?

I am confident that we have all asked ourselves these questions on occasion. Some of us have done this intentionally where as some of us, it happens with out us really being aware of it.

I know that was my reality for many years as I went through life, doing what others expected of me. Then I learnt to speak up and ask for what it was that I needed. 

Research shows us the growth is a core need for all of us. Our minds are stimulated by learning new things and growing in our capacity to contribute. There is also many studies to support that when we intentionally set a goal, write it down or share it, it will quite often become pour reality.

Gratitude is something of a trendy word at present although there is much evidence that supports real health benefits from practising gratitude with focus and intention. I know my life has changed greatly since embracing and practising gratitude. 

 In business we are taught from the onset to be focussed and moving towards something and we do this by setting measurable goals. Unfortunately so few of us use these same tools to achieve what we desire in our lives.  Have you got a plan, a goal for your life? 

“If we always do what we have always done we will always get what we have always had ...

Henry Ford

It comes down to choice. 

We can choose to stay where we are and if this is what you choose then it too is super, enjoy.

If you choose to start and consider a direction for you and your life, then let’s explore how to build the bridge.

First and foremost get a clear picture of how you want it to be, in 3 months, 6 months or even maybe in a year from now. Is the picture exciting, does it give you butterflies, do you feel challenged by it?

Step 2 - Get some awareness of where you are right now. Yes be courageous and honest with yourself, after all this is your life. Are you spending too much, eating unhealthy, working to hard or burning the candle at both ends. You get the picture.

Wow there is your two pillars - where I am now & where I want to be ……now let’s build the bridge, the span between the pillars. 

Building the bridge is about you growing in mind, body and spirit. 

What behaviours do you need to adopt, review or learn to grow into the person you want to be to achieve your desired result?

What may you need to let go of, step away from, stop doing to achieve your desired result?

Growth happens either with intention or as part of the flow. Nobody is the same person they were one year ago. Each day we learn new things, new ways, see things differently, etc, however so few of us take the time to acknowledge it. 

Magic happens when we set an intention (goal) take steps intentionally to move forward (growth) and to take some time to reflect on the journey (gratitude). 

After all life is a journey not a destination and we are all responsible for the experiences we create along the way. Make it count… it truly is the gift of living. 

I wonder how your confidence and experience of life will change when you too embrace a heightened awareness of these 3 behaviours.

Now more than ever it's time for you to embrace how to Speak up, Step up and Shine. If I can you can too.

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Your Smile … Your Responsibility - Own it, Wear it, Share it.

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