Fun -  a sense and display of happiness. Often we experience fun when we are part of a light hearted activity that we find pleasant and enjoyable.

Forgiveness - forgiveness is an act of pardoning somebody that you feel has done wrong by you.

Fearless - a can do attitude and adopting a deep belief for your vision. Fearless is knowing and honouring your boundaries.

I have been sharing “The Alphabet To Your Confidence” and in todays blog I share with you the 3 F’s.

Have ever been in a situation where you are bursting with a sense of fun, your face beams and your smile lights you up. You feel such joy and you are experiencing an environment that is simply pleasant. 

Can you also remember a time when you felt and heard yourself forgiving somebody? You felt a sense of letting go, of you heart opening or the metaphoric walls that you had up, come down.

I remember a time when I was fearless. I backed myself like never before, my focus was like a laser and I felt unstoppable.

Can you remember a time when you felt fearless?

What or who were you saying “Yes” too?

Research tells us that we as small business owners / entrepreneurs need to back ourselves and remain focussed more now than ever before. We need to be malleable and flex fast.

I have found that as I have gained a heightened awareness of how to have fun and how to create more opportunities to experience the fun times. I have also learnt how to forgive. 

We are so ready to forgive others when we see, that we have wronged them with assumption or judgement. However I ask when was the last time you truly practised forgiveness for yourself. 

We too often expect ourselves to know it all and to be everything to all. Is this belief working for you and are you getting the result you desire from it? If you answer “Yes”, congratulations, now take off your rose coloured glasses and get real.

I remember not so long ago when I thought that was the way of the land of small business / sole traders and entrepreneurs. It was not until such time that I explored that belief and change it to something with more power that I could see how it was in fact holding me back.

My new belief is - “I am doing everything I can in this moment with the resources I have available in this moment. If I knew how to do it differently I would.”

What do you need to forgive yourself for? Build your forgiveness for self so you can forgive others more readily.

When you are exploring and embracing forgiveness, there is a sense of fearlessness that you will need to honour too. I found when I took a deep dive into forgiveness I took a deep dive into practises that I felt defined me as a lady, a mum, a partner, a sister and so on.

In this period I needed to be fearless as I acknowledged and practised forgiveness for others whom I had assumed would have known better. Society had taught me to put people on pedestals and accept how they did things without question. As I bought down my walls I acknowledged the stories I too used to justify my actions. This is when I learnt to embrace my ability to be fearless.

Today I have a healthy practise and this includes my ability to create and experience fun things, activities and situations. I forgive easily, myself and others as I honour my willingness to be fearless in the journey of my life.

I wonder how your confidence and experience of life will change when you too embrace a heightened awareness of these 3 behaviours.

Now more than ever it's time for you to embrace how to Speak up, Step up and Shine. If I can you can too.

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Your Smile … Your Responsibility - Own it, Wear it, Share it.

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