Excitement - Can you remember the last time you were excited?

Expression - A way of showing your feelings, your thoughts and even your concerns

Energy - A projection, sense of feeling that you radiate, all the time. How much energy are you bringing?

Communication is one of the areas where our three “E’s” step up and play a part.

How often have you heard the saying - “It’s not what you say, but, how you say it”

In my blog today I am sharing the 3E’s to your confidence. I will challenge you with a couple of questions and I would love you to play full out and take the time to explore. I wonder what you might uncover…….

Have you ever been so happy about something, that you feel like you are going to burst? It may have been the birth of a child, a promotion you were successful in gaining or it may have been something or someone that was visiting as a complete surprise. There are many possibilities, give yourself time to remember that one time, feel the feelings all over again….it’s cool isn’t it. 

The feeling of I’m going to burst is excitement. 

I know when I get excited, the volume of my voice rises, I walk quicker and I cannot sit still. 

My face aches from the smile and my legs want to bounce me all around.

How do you feel when you are experiencing excitement? I dare you to make a decision to dream of how your future can be.

Have you ever shared a story, one that may have been heart breaking and you feel the tears well up and your heart gets heavy and on occasion your words fall softly. This is you expressing your emotions, showing your story and the heart ache in the moment. 

The word energy seems very trendy at the moment. In this case I want you to think of energy as something that you project that gives people around you a sense of how you are feeling, what you maybe experiencing and your energy can often set the tone of the conversation.

We all need to be aware of our energy, this carries us through the day and quite often determines our presence in the moment. We also need to be aware of the environments that drain our energy. Have you ever felt drained when you have walked away from somebody or when you have come out of a highly stressful situation?

Today more than ever we all need to be aware of how we are expressing ourselves, projecting our energy and sharing our excitement. There is a lot of uncertainty in the world at present, however there is one thing you can control and that is your behaviours, your attitudes and your reactions.

 Now more than ever it's time for you to embrace how to Speak up, Step up and Shine. If I can you can too.

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Your Smile … Your Responsibility - Own it, Wear it, Share it.

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