Daring, Dream, Decide

When was the last time you allowed yourself to Dream?

Can you remember the last time you decided to say "Yes" to you?

On a scale of 1-10, how daring are you? How comfortable 

 In my blog today I will share the 3D’s to your confidence and also my experience with them. 

When we acknowledge these behaviours and we develop a heightened awareness of them, they can contribute to you sustaining a greater level of confidence.

I remember the last time I dreamt. Wow it resulted in a life changing opportunity. It’s mid September 2013 I’ve just completed my induction weekend into the world of coaching. I walked away from the 3 day event feeling empowered, committed and encouraged to make a change. In this weekend I had learnt more about my behaviours, beliefs and attitudes than ever before.

I can remember dreaming and exploring how it might look if I was a coach full time, at this point in time I was an employee. There was a lightness in my step, a pound in my heart and a flame of possibility warming my body. 

The facilitators had shared with us during the weekend that some of us may leave the event feeling invincible and thinking we could change the world. In this moment I was definitely one of the few.

Research shows us that our emotions are a choice and that we alone determine how we will experience them.

It was shortly after this that a life changing event occurred and extended me the opportunity to transform myself. To continue to unravel and bring down the many walls I had built. I am often heard describing this moment as - be careful what you wish for … you may just get it.

My dream of being a coach had begun. I decided in that moment that it was now or never, I had to say “Yes” to my dreams, it is my time to shine. 

I became daring as the months passed and I learned more about how we as humans hold ourselves back, play it safe and hide in life. One of my greatest learnings is that we all have a resourceful means of achieving what it is we need, however so few of us truly embrace it. We are so busy justifying, protecting and blaming others, we loose sight of what we can control.

This period of self exploration bought tears of doubt and a feeling of shame as I learnt to embrace and understand my own poor behaviours.  

As I dared to dive deep within and acknowledge, embrace and understand my own limiting beliefs. I could hear, see and support others in identifying, embracing and shedding their’s too.

The day I decided to make coaching my future was the day I truly began to evolve as a person, parent and professional. 

I decide each day to be my best, to dare to be better than yesterday and to dream of the endless possibilities that are available. I dream what life can become the more I embrace the uncomfortable and acknowledge how I can continue to grow.

I dare you to make a decision to dream of how your future can be.

If I can embrace how to Speak up, Step up and Shine … so can you.

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Your Smile … Your Responsibility - Own it, Wear it, Share it.

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