Have you ever felt there needs to be more to life?

Have you ever wanted to do something, however, something is holding you back?

Are you waiting for more confidence or for things to be right?

In today’s blog I share with you the “3 C’s to Your Confidence”, Change, Commitment, Celebration.

Research shows us that change is inevitable, it will happen whether you want it to or not.

Change is happening on a daily basis sometimes even hourly basis. We have all seen how quickly the technology environment changes, you buy a phone today and it is superseded within the month.

We as individuals change all the time. With each day of life we change, we learn and we evolve. Think what you were doing 5 years ago as opposed to how you are doing things now. Think of the things you liked when you were younger and now you don’t like them. Did they change or did you?

A confident person is somebody who embraces change and quite often goes in search of it, they enjoy the challenge it presents.

I can remember this one time when I wanted a different result however I needed to change my reaction, my behaviours, my thoughts and the stories I was telling myself. At the time I didn’t know how too make this change. Often we only know what we know and we need to change and grow to find the answers we seek.

I made a commitment to myself that I would find the way forward. I needed to make this change my reactions were affectingly career, my relationships and my friendships.

This became my focus, my goal and I gave this my everything. I was committed to doing what I needed to gain the result I wanted.

Being committed is about doing what it takes no matter what obstacles you may encounter.

I committed to acknowledging how I needed to change and mature in my actions and my thoughts. Everyday I took action in the direction I needed to go to affect the change.

Commitment is as much about backing yourself, trusting the process, asking questions, reading books etc as it is about the action you take.

A confident person is often described at being focused, one eyed, even stubborn as they move toward the end goal.

I am now 8 years down the track. I celebrate daily, the changes I have made, the commitment I have for my future and for the support of many who have kept me accountable to my vision.

I celebrate the coach I am today and the influencer I will be tomorrow. My change is consistent, my commitment is solid and I celebrate my wins and my disappointments as this to keeps me motivated for more.

One thing I am mindful of is that my celebration is in line with the achievements, I have gained to date. My celebration can be as simple as time with a friend, a walk in the bush or some quality time in my garden.

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