In today’s blog, I will share with you the “3B’s To Your Confidence” - Believe, Brave and Bold.

Have you ever experienced a time in your life when you wanted to believe in yourself more?

Have you ever wanted to be brave and just go for it?

Can you remember the last time you were truly bold in life? Have you ever heard the quote - “Bring your “A” game”?





Over the last six years, I have discovered the three B’s - Believe, Brave and Bold are critical to our confidence. Through many conversations and with over 10,000 coaching hours I am confident in sharing with you, that the majority of people struggle to truly embrace them and adopt actions to engage them regularly. I can remember this one time, that I embraced all of these behaviours. I needed to believe in myself, be brave in my actions and be bold in my attitude. 

It is Sunday morning, my 250 Yamaha Virago motorbike is on the trailer and we set off for the confines of the Holsworthy Army base.  I’m 39 years old, I have never ridden a motorbike before however today was the day.

We arrived on base and unloaded the bike, I put on my helmet and gloves. I remember thinking at the time how hard can this truly be.

I got used to the feel of the bike under me first going up and down a hill without the aid the motor, learning the clutch from the brake etc. That’s easy enough……then we started the bike. 

This is when the fun started. I remember l let the clutch out and the bike started to move I panicked and grab at the handle bars forgetting the right handgrip was in fact the throttle. 

Before I knew it I was in the fork of a small tree. I had a bruise on my hip and a bruise on my ego.

This is when I tapped into my bravery, I got up dusted myself off and tried again. 

It took perseverance and a dose of bold courage to start the engine again and control my fear and want to grab at the handle bars once again. I can remember quietly saying to myself, you can do this, one step at a time, take all the time you need. In hindsight I was filling up my belief in myself.

Several hours passed, I managed to ride the bike, change gears from first to second and even steer it around a corner. Now some 19 years later I have completed over 50,000 kms on my motorbike. I ride a Yamaha 950 V-Star Cruiser and I have ridden the south eastern coastal road of Australia from Adelaide to Bundaberg. I have spent 16 days touring Tasmania, along with many different day and weekend tips locally.

Each time I take the bike out, I tap into my bravery and I adopt a bold attitude towards my ride. I have learnt he who hesitates is an accident waiting to happen. I decide to do something, I build self belief around my ability to do it and I boldly take the action to gain the result.

I have faced many occasions where I have embraced being brave, bold and I believe in what I’m doing and sharing. Being a business owner we are called on to believe in our ideas and this is one of the pillars to our success. We step out of our comfort zone and experience being brave every time we try something new. When we don’t get the results we desire, there is an amount of bravery we tap into to get back up.

I encourage you today, right now, to gain awareness of the feelings and actions you take when you are being brave, acting with boldness and believing in yourself. 

Notice what you are saying, where your head is positioned and in which direction you are looking. 

If you are looking straight ahead, you are in the present moment and if you are looking up, you are in your future. When you have this awareness you can access these behaviours anytime you need to. 

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