Imagine walking into your work space today and your desk is scattered with yesterday’s notes, a dirty coffee mug or a pile of things to do. Oh boy the cloud is thick, it’s heavy.

What do you see?
How do you react?
Do you want to run or do you let out a sigh?

Most of us have experienced an environment like this before and it is not inviting let alone motivating. When this occurred for me I would feel like I was marking time, it looked like it did when I left last evening, hence what did I achieve yesterday.


What is your environment saying about you?

In this blog I share with you one of many things I do to lift the cloud and embrace the clarity. Whether you are a stay at home parent, a team leader or a business owner your environment is a direct reflection of your relationship with yourself and what you value in the moment. Your environment affects how you think and your thoughts affect your the results.

I remember feeling heavy, despondent and invisible on many occasions in my previous life as an employee. My office was situated under a flight of stairs and I had minimal contact with people. Whilst it was comfortable, it was lonely, and extremely quiet. I was away from conversations, nobody would come to my office without a purpose and their were days when other employees didn’t even know I was there.

Hence this affected my mood, my self value and my connection to the team. I felt like I was hidden away.

We often hear people say surround yourself with supporters, like minded people etc. I even hear this phrase being bantered about. You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with.

Lifting the clouds to embrace the clarity.

I encourage you to take this one step further. Take some time today and ask yourself the following. “What does my environment say about me?” Does it project efficiency, organisation, confidence and professionalism. Is my environment inviting? Is it warm, relaxed, organised and clean. Is their space for me to learn, to think and to explore the possibilities? Is it a place I want to be in? Am I proud of my environment?

People who create an environment that truly reflects who they are and what is important to them are often high performers. They ooze confidence and are often successful. They are organised, diligent in their process and relaxed in their actions. They move with purpose, have focus and leave doubt and anxiety at the door.

You have the power to make the change in your environment. Stimulate your thinking, raise your mood, practise gratitude for your surroundings and embrace an environment that allows you to shine.

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