Why do I need to look back to move forward?

Have you experienced hurt, anger, disappointment, frustration, loss in the past?
We all experience some sort of pain and or suffering at times.

Have you been struggling to get the results you are striving for?
You are putting the effort in, however you feel like you are not getting the result you aspire to.

This takes you to a state of mind whereby you beat yourself up. You tell yourself you are worthless, not good enough, not giving enough and not deserving. You create the bruises with your stories.

Self development is exactly that, self analysis and exploration.

Getting to know me warts and all.

To commence a journey in self development is challenging, enlightening and rewarding.

It can be the push you need to turn your life around, however this all starts with a decision.

Your words can lift people up, tare people down, paint a positive picture and they ultimately create our reality.

Boom - Change your words ... Change your reality

In todays blog, I share 3 tips to enhance your communication and vocabulary.

Change your words ... Change your world

Have you allowed life to get in the way of the fun you want in your relationships?

For our relationships to thrive we need to make them a priority and we need to give them our focus and time.

I see and hear many relationships are cooling loosing the excitements and slipping into a downward slide.

Has your focus changed from the giving to the getting?


It starts with a decision, are you ready to step up, stand up and level up in your life?

You are the only one that can do it.

State of mind ... there is a difference between people who are confident and those that play the victim.

This is their state of mind.

Time, Respect, Unity, Support, Thanks

Trust something so many of us strive to gain and give in many different areas of life.

How do you build T.R.U.S.T for yourself and others?

Innovate - to make change in something that is already established

Initiative - the power to enact, take charge before others do, to make it happen

Inclusiveness - the practise of including people who might be otherwise excluded, belonging

Recently I have been sharing "The Alphabet To Your Confidence" and today I share with you the 3 I’s.

When you gain an awareness of and embrace each of these behaviours for yourself I wonder how your confidence will lift and support you. 

Growth - to enlarge in size, performance, result

Goals - set an intention, something to aim for

Gratitude - a deep sense of thanks, a sense of being present, in the moment 

I have been sharing "The Alphabet To Your Confidence and today I share the 3 G's. When you experience a heightened awareness of these three behaviours and how affectively you are embracing them you will begin to experience a life of confidence.

In the past couple of weeks we have been thrown into a challenge far greater than any individual. We are as a nation are being encouraged to come together and step up to the challenge as one.

Wow it sounds like many conversations I’ve heard in board rooms of many large businesses. Unfortunately for many employees of these businesses, they believe the leaders do not walk the talk. 

Employees do not leave company’s they leave leaders / managers.

In today’s blogs I will share with you what employees are looking for from leaders, especially when we are in a crisis.


In the past couple of weeks we have been thrust into remote working environments. Business Leaders and managers are learning on the job and are left scrambling on occasion. Their primary focus is keeping the business going and insuring the safety and livelihood of their team members.

Remember they too, are part, of the team. We are in this together.

Business owners are supported by research findings indicating if a remote team feels engaged and heard they are often more effective than an in house team.

In today’s blog I share with you insight into different engagement styles. This will support you in managing your remote team members in a way that will engage and value them, hence they will be more productive. 

Fun -  a sense and display of happiness. Often we experience fun when we are part of a light hearted activity that we find pleasant and enjoyable.

Forgiveness - forgiveness is an act of pardoning somebody that you feel has done wrong by you.

Fearless - a can do attitude and adopting a deep belief for your vision. Fearless is knowing and honouring your boundaries.

I have been sharing “The Alphabet To Your Confidence” and in todays blog I share with you the 3 F’s.

Excitement - Can you remember the last time you were excited?

Expression - A way of showing your feelings, your thoughts and even your concerns

Energy - A projection, sense of feeling that you radiate, all the time. How much energy are you bringing?

Communication is one of the areas where our three “E’s” step up and play a part.

How often have you heard the saying - “It’s not what you say, but, how you say it”

Daring, Dream, Decide

When was the last time you allowed yourself to Dream?

Can you remember the last time you decided to say "Yes" to you?

On a scale of 1-10, how daring are you? How comfortable 

Have you ever felt there needs to be more to life?

Have you ever wanted to do something, however, something is holding you back?

Are you waiting for more confidence or for things to be right?

In today’s blog I share with you the “3 C’s to Your Confidence”, Change, Commitment, Celebration.

In today’s blog, I will share with you the “3B’s To Your Confidence” - Believe, Brave and Bold.

Have you ever experienced a time in your life when you wanted to believe in yourself more?

Have you ever wanted to be brave and just go for it?

Can you remember the last time you were truly bold in life? Have you ever heard the quote - “Bring your “A” game”?

Have you ever heard the quote - “Bring your “A” game”?

In todays blog, I share the meaning behind the quote - “Bring your A Game” and how it relates to your confidence.

I arrive in Perth and I am greeted by my wonderful daughter in law. “Sandy” I hear from afar and there she is striding towards me with a beaming smile. My heart jumps and in that moment I know i am where I need to be.

We make our way to the car chatting with every stride. It has been a while since we were together and we have the next week to catch up, however our conversation flows and my heart warms.

It is during this conversation as we travel home, I hear myself saying “ I am good enough” and that my belief in this is something that even up until now is a work in progress, it has been the most difficult part of my transformation.

Have you ever planned your day and been pulled off the path?

Do you set sail and then get taken off course?

Do you find yourself being reactive and feeling disappointed with the result?

Have you ever felt angry, hurt and disappointed?

Have you noticed that these feelings can hang around for days, even weeks.

Have you noticed how your body reacts to these feelings?

Does your back get sore?

Do your knees feel stiff?